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Clipper & FiveWin Archiv

Liebe Clipper/FiveWin User: Ich habe alle Clipper- und FiveWin Entwicklung vor einigen Jahren beendet.
Die Produkt-Download-Sektion ist nach 17 Jahren nun geschlossen. Falls sie noch interesse an einem der Projekte haben, kontaktieren sie mich bitte per E-Mail

Alte Projekte:

FiveDB 2.26
The FiveDB DBMS Class Library is the latest version of one of the most popular FiveWin add-On Libraries ever available. FiveDB is a fully object-oriented class Library that enhances Clipper's functionality towards a real Database Management system. It provides a layer between your Applications business Logic and all Database activities, so instead of hassling around with networking problems, index creation, relations and filters you can let FiveDB take over all those tasks for you. Be sure to read the 'Getting started' section of the doc file if you have never worked with FiveDB before !

FiveDB 2.26 Full Source Code
full access to all C++ and Assembler Sources of FiveDB

Ninety5 1.6
Tomsoft's last Clipper Library Ninety5 targets the 16-Bit User that wants to add some of the Windows 95/98/XP/2000 features and look to his Applications. It removes the blockings to give you access to the 32 Bit Windows user interface where possible, and emulates other Windows features like Tree Views controls to give you a common codebase for Windows 3.11, Windows 95-16Bit, and Windows 32 Bit applications. On top of that, NinetyFive offers lots of supporting classes, Functions and new controls to improve your programs.

FiveDLL 1.2
FiveDLL allows you create a Windows DLL with Clipper code and run this from a FiveWin application. Clipper Functions and Public Variables can be called from both Executable and DLL. Also C Code can be placed into the DLL that calls documented and undocumented api functions linked into the Executable.

Sound & Vision 2.09 Full Version
The "Windows for DOS" Library. Build Multi-Media applications using CA-Clipper with Sound and Vision. Support for Sound Blaster, AdLib & compatible Sound Cards, CD-ROM Drives, and Object Oriented, event driven, Windowing. In addition, Sound & Vision provides a pseudo graphical TMR environment for your Clipper apps. Full mouse support, Windows-like controls, and full object orientation with its built in class creation utility. Plus, it includes a fully FiveDB compatible DBMS Interface to create Multi-RDD Networking Database layers with just a few lines of code.

TomSoft Clipper IDE Version 6.4
This is Version 6.4 of the TomSoft IDE for Clipper, which lets you create and maintain several Targets within one Project, you can create EXE, DLL, LIB and NG Dos and Windows Targets. Blinker is required. Sources are included ! Enclosed is also a Windows System Debugger, and the powerful Freeware Windows 32Bit Editor PFE (Programmers File Editor)

Clipper Internals Norton Guide
I wrote this guide to organize my collection of findings about Clipper internals. It's not complete, but it may give you a better insight on Clipper, and shed some light on useful functions. Assembler and C/C++ Header files are also included ...

FiveWin Reference Norton Guide
This Guide was started by me in the year 1997 and has never been finished, so you will find some empty places in there. However, there is lots of good stuff in it for every FiveWin Programmer, a huge Section of FiveWin/API Function Descriptions, and a quite complete Object-Engine Reference.